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Our New Store In La Costa

Posted by Erin Nenow on

Behind the scenes I like to call our business a "grass roots effort", meaning we take things one day at a time and continue to grow with the support of our community. Our location in Restaurant Row in San Marcos has been a tremendous gift which has given our brand the launch it needed, but also came with the clock ticking. The goal has been to stay calm, trust the process and use the opportunity to start thinking outside of Restaurant Row. 

First things first, San Marcos is the most incredible community where I have met the best people around. From the city's leadership to the local families, commuters and students looking for a place to get work done- I have made countless friendships over the last thirteen years. At least once a month we have someone stop in who moved away but has to come visit their old hang out coffee house while they are in town. The coffee house is that special! It's special because of the memories and the community that surrounds it. For that reason it is a top priority that we find a new home in San Marcos, that continues to serve the Discovery and Lake San Marcos area. 

In the meantime, we needed to think close to home but also different. We scouted the area with an open mind for our next move and discovered a suite in La Costa that sparked some creativity. It had been previously loved by a family owned vegan restaurant called Bigfoot Cafe. What we loved about it was the surroundings neighborhoods, high school, and a park right across the street. As I have began working on the suite I see kids growing up together outside riding bikes, mom's taking walks together, the neighboring business's all locally owned and welcoming. This is another community place that needs a good coffee shop. 

For our friends at Lake San Marcos and in San Elijo Hills we thought this location could also continue to serve as an option for you, you will just head west to see us. 

Our original location in Restaurant Row's doors will remain open and loved for the foreseeable future. We are in talks with a few different properties in town for future locations as well, and are grateful for all the people who have advocated for our business as our property has changed. We are grateful for everyone who enjoys and supports our business weekly, it is you who has provided us the opportunity to expand and grow. 

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